Hydro Vac Excavation

Hydro Vac ExcavationHydro Vac Excavation is the way we install our signs at KPD Signs. Safety is the # 1 reason. Hydro vac excavation is done by blasting high pressure water that can also be heated to cut through frost to break ground material into small pieces, and then the slurry mix is vacuumed into a large debris tank to be later disposed of. The ground is full of utilities [...]

Digital Printing

KPD Signs fabricating crews use the highest available technology to create the longest lasting signs that your company needs. We've got the tools and equipment to produce iron and aluminum framing, wood and sheet metal traffic control signs, Illuminated sign boxes and road side billboards. Ask us for references and our past clients will let you know the level of [...]

Line Painting

Using 3M high grade outdoor vinyl, our decals stand the test of time. Fully weatherproof - our stickers look beautiful when applied correctly, and actually look more like professionally painted on artwork, rather than a sticker or decal. They hold up beautifully in snow, salt, and blazing sun for years without fading, bleeding, peeling or cracking. Die-cut vinyl decals [...]