Hydro Vac Excavation

Hydro Van Evacuation

Hydro Vac Excavation is the way we install our signs at KPD Signs.

Hydro Vac Excavation is the way we install our signs at KPD Signs. Safety is the # 1 reason. Hydro vac excavation is done by blasting high pressure water that can also be heated to cut through frost to break ground material into small pieces, and then the slurry mix is vacuumed into a large debris tank to be later disposed of. The ground is full of utilities and other hazards that can be missed by locators. If utilities are hit with conventional augers, they can cause serious if not fatal results or very expensive repairs. With a properly trained hydro vac operator, they simply relocate hole as they have only exposed the hazard with high pressure water. Using our hydro vac method of digging has many other benefits. Some municipalities now request it for safety reasons. It creates a clean hole with no machinery tracks on grass, no piles of dirt or rocks that an auger would leave, and it is fast! An experienced operator can dig in locations most augers can’t dream of going, on a steep hill, in backyards, or in any tight spot. As long as the operator and the hose can get there, the hole can be dug. We also provide services other than sign installation. Such as day lighting of utilities, fence or deck posts, sono tubes as well as many other uses. Please call us for a quote.